About Allclass Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Allclass Carpet Care has been a longstanding Canberra business, in operation for the past 15 years, servicing Canberra and surrounds with our hallmark brand of dedication and excellence. Business founder Tony Arganese, dedicated years of hard and professional work to build Allclass’ reputation as one of Canberra’s most respected Carpet and Flood Restoration businesses. Peter, our new business owner and manager, who is certified by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute and ITI Flood Restoration, is carrying out Tony’s legacy with the upmost professionalism and respect.

Peter makes it his personal goal to ensure each and every one of his clients is 100% satisfied.

​As the owner-operator of Allclass, Peter makes it his personal goal to ensure each and every one of his clients is satisfied with his work, and that every job completed meets his own impeccable standards. Both his staff and tools of trade are up-to-date and of the highest quality, which means ongoing certified training and a huge range of the latest in specialised cleaning equipment.

At Allclass Carpet Care we pride ourselves on consistently superb, professional, efficient and timely service, whether it will be for a home or a large commercial contract. Our satisfied clients range from commercial giants, prestige hotels and property groups, Federal and Local government bodies to homeowners, landlords and tenants all over Canberra.

We are the carpet cleaners most trusted by Canberra real estate professionals, and are available to call 24 hours a day for water damage or flood emergencies.