Pet Odour and Urine Treatments Canberra

Pet Odour and Urine Cleaning Treatments Canberra

Allclass Carpet & Upholstery Care has been providing Pet Odour and Urine Carpet Cleaning services and treatments to the Canberra Region for 25 years.

Odour and urine treatments Canberra

No matter how big or small your carpet areas are, all homes need regular cleaned and sanitised carpets.

One of the most prevalent odour issues in homes is urine from household pets. Cat urine can be especially difficult for cleaners that are improperly trained. When done incorrectly, cleaning the urine can actually strengthen the smell rather than dispel it. The crystals present in cat urine, for example, release ammonia when wet. Cleaners unaware of the chemical reactions of urine may try to wet the spot in order to clean it. Allclass technicians know how to treat a problem area, leaving your carpets smelling fresh.

​We offer a huge range of odour elimination services for everything from smoke to food. 

Why choose us to remove your pet odours and urine? 

Choose Allclass Carpet & Upholstery Care for all your Carpet Steam Cleaning needs:

  1. We steam clean your carpets and rejuvenate them making them feel fresh, soft and clean
  2. We do it right the first time
  3. We clean and sanitise your carpets supporting and promoting a safe environment for your family
  4. We deodorise your carpets. Our freshness will awaken your senses. 
  5. Our professional steam cleaning services are fully guaranteed
  6. Our technicians are trained and qualified through the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute
  7. We can offer your state of the art and reliable equipment that is fully maintained at all times
  8. Allclass has one of the biggest steam cleaning machines in the Canberra Region
  9. We are reliable, honest and friendly and deliver results
  10. We understand the importance of steam cleaning for the life of your carpets
  11. We will treat your stains like no others